Where Quality and Value is built into every project.

T J Mitchell Builders, established in 1987 by T J Tomkiewicz,

pictured below with his dad Mitchell.

Dad and I

About T J Mitchell Builders


Over the years T J Mitchell Builders has gained a reputation in southern Worcester county for the dedication and service in providing thier clients with finest quality in custom homes and related construction projects. What had started with a small ad in a local weekly paper to build decks evolved into what is now a 20+ year career with numerous additions, renovations and over 50 custom homes built.

With 30 years of experience in the residential construction field, Tom is a hands on builder/contractor who, backed by a consistent team of trade professionals, brings expertise and knowledge to every project.

Regardless of size, budget or level of difficulty inherit to the project at hand, all construction is approached with the same expectation of quality, value and customer satisfaction.